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Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer… All the products sold within both the shop premises based at Unit  7, Amspray Business Centre, Worcester Road, Kidderminster, and online at / are strictly sold as either food supplements or cosmetics, and are not intended to treat/cure or replace any forms of medicines either currently prescribed or due to be prescribed by that of a fully registered and qualified medicinal professional such as doctors, surgeons, pharmacists etc.

Here at CJS-CBD we feel that the quality of the products and what they can offer is far more important than just finding the cheapest possible prices… That being said we strive to keep all our prices fairly priced for the products to be affordable for the consumer.

We ONLY stock items that have been rigorously checked via various methods to be the best of the best… all of which carry an independent 3rd party COA (certificate of analysis)

What is a COA I hear you ask and why is it important?

Well with the market being so new it means that there’s possibilities of companies exploiting customers and selling them products that either are not as they should be dose wise or worse not even CBD at all. By having an 3rd party INDEPENDENT COA this gives you the consumer the peace of mind knowing that what it says on the label is accurate and correct!

By entering our site you are confirming and agreeing that you’re of the legal age of 18 or above, and that any items being purchased are being done so as outlined within these terms and conditions. CJS CBD and/or any of its employees are not liable for any miss use of any products purchased.

We will not give any advice based around medical concerns or problems and ALWAYS suggest/recommend you speak with a fully qualified medical professional. If you’re currently using any form of medicines, we strongly urge you to speak with either a pharmacist or doctor in relation to any contraindications, which may result from supplementation of CBD. By continuing on this site you do so with CJS CBD having the presumption of you having already done so, therefore relinquish any form of responsibility and wont be held accountable.

All items will not be shipped until confirmation of full payment being received has been verified. Once this has happened you agree to allow up to 72 hours for the order to be processed and shipped in accordance with the shipment terms laid out within the shipment terms and conditions on the website. CJS CBD will not be held responsible for any errors or losses made accountable due to courier services such as royal mail, and any losses as a result of this should be dealt with according to the courier services own terms and conditions… The only time in which we will be deemed accountable is if the error lays within something which we are responsible for (this will lay with the final decision being that of CJS CBD), it is therefore the customer’s responsibility to check the shipping address along with shipping laws prior to ordering.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority, therefore if you as the consumer are not happy with anything or the way in which it has been handled then please email your concerns and full details over to and allow up to 7 days for a response in which time someone will have got back to you. The terms and conditions of use of this website forms formal agreement between yourself the customer and CJS CBD, however you are still protected by your consumer rights guarantee unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the website i.e. open or used products.