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About Us

CJs-CBD is a family run small business named after our son CJ. He is the reason we first ever started learning about CBD and the properties that the hemp plant holds…

Before we go any further we would like to point out a disclaimer that CBD IS NOT a substitute for medicinal products, it IS NOT for the treatment of, prevention of or cure of ANY MEDICAL issues and is marketed and sold strictly as either a FOOD SUPPLEMENT, COSMETIC or VAPE nothing more!!!

CBD should only be used in the form it is intended, and should not replace any current pharmaceutical medication in which you’re current prescribed, and if you’re currently prescribed ANY form of medicinal products then please consult your GP before taking any form of food supplements to prevent any contraindications from occurring…

That being said… This is our personal testimonial and can be verified by official medical records, so we do not condone nor advise you follow this as advise of any kind and CJs-CBD WILL NOT be held liable for anything mentioned hereafter.

CJ suffers from various disabilities ranging from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Epilepsy, Micro Duplication of the 16th Chromosome, Learning Disabilities as well as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). In the time of awaiting an appointment for what is known as a CHAMS (Child and adolescent mental health service), both myself and my wife felt as parents that there was more that we could do for our son in order to help him have a better-quality life. We went on various parenting courses, got in touch with Autism UK as well as Autism West Midlands, and was just searching for ways in which we could offer him more.

Then one day a close family friend whom had seen the distress we were under with trying to cope, and thinking we were failing as parents suggested to us to use something called “CBD”. Not knowing what this was we done some research on it, only to find it come from a hemp-based plant. Automatically the normal thoughts came flooding into our heads that the usual stigma carries… How could we possibly give our son something that was in the cannabis family we thought?

So, we researched some more… After an extensive research period, we had an appointment coming up with his paediatrician whom was a recognised specialist for epilepsy within children, so we discussed it with him. The paediatrician was more than happy for us to continue pointing out that research had in fact been taking place into the benefits of CBD and epileptics. This immediately prompted us to give it a try and we have never looked back!!!

The quality of life CJ gets via using CBD daily both morning and night is priceless, and this is what prompted us to form CJs CBD. We saw the quality of life CBD had managed to give this wonderful boy back and thought that if this is what this wonderful plant can do then maybe we should offer it to others who maybe able to be helped also.

CJ now has had his appointments with his epileptic Paediatrician reduced to once annually, as well as his epilepsy medication reduced. He does not require medication for his ADHD as his concentration is as good as anyone’s when he is in school, therefore not requiring stimulant based medication that was once proposed and the best part of it is instead of being a chemical which is synthetic based… ITS NATURAL.